Share The Load, Multiply Love! Join Ariel India’s #ShareTheLoad Movement

Lockdown has definitely brought family members together. Sharing load at home is a way of sharing love with each other. Men has started doing laundry at home since that is the easiest task to start with to help in domestic chores. Doing laundry together has become a joyful, loving part of the day. Sharing chores definitely multiplies love.

Times of crisis bring people closer always. They push each other to play roles unimagined and to be the best versions of ourselves in every little moment. In the current difficult times, all of us have been doing things that we probably didn’t do earlier or did very little of it. While a lot of women did more than what they did earlier, men joined in to help in domestic chores. Ariel India celebrates this and invites you to join their #ShareTheLoad movement.

I have realised how important it is to be with family in difficult times as it gives us strength to fight the situation. Seeing men helping in domestic chores and enjoying doing so is an achievement in itself. They are also understanding how much work women do in a day. Well, my personal favourite activity is doing laundry with whole family. Doing laundry together has become a joyful and loving part of the day. Sharing the load of home and doing work together is equal to sharing love with each other. We also know that, "Unity is strength".

It is so good to see men helping in social chores, and more importantly, they are doing it willingly. I love how my brother everyday keeps me asking "Isn't it laundry time yet?"

We all get very excited and wait for laundry time. You can see my brother helping me with laundry and he is so happy while doing this.

In these times of uncertainty, what we need is love and support from each other. Laughing together is the only therapy we need right now. I realised how men could not stop themselves to help in laundry as this the most easy task to start with. After this, they have also started helping in other activities like cooking, cleaning bedroom and washroom, and washing utensils. They joined hands with women along with work from home, isn't it much appreciable?

I want to thank every men for joining hands with women in doing social chores. Everyone is doing their best to help each other out and live the best moments of our life with family members, which we always longed for. Doing things together makes it easier and burden free.

Realisation of such things makes our bond stronger and shows "together, we can." During crisis, we can make any activity a fun activity as we all are in this together. Let us stay positive and do more activities together like we are doing laundry.

I also take pledge that "I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda".

#ShareTheLoad #ShareTheLaundry and #ShareChoresMultiplyLove

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